One of the struggles of living with a disability is that “normal’ clothing and other personal items just don’t work for us.  We drop things, and can’t pick them up from the floor.  We can’t manipulate buckles and buttons as we used to, and we need things within easy reach on our chairs, beds and wheelchairs.  Clothing never seems to fit right either.

Loss of mobility and movement makes life difficult and we lose more of our independence than necessary if we could get our clothes to fit properly and have products that will make life more accessible.

I am including myself in this problem because I have a disability also.  But I love to sew – always have.  I trained as a sewing teacher in my teens, and I have had a dressmaking businesses in the 90s. This year, I started up my business Miss Polley Living Aids with the help of an NDIS package.   I love the challenge of making products to improve my quality of life and want to share this with you.