More than a Snot Rag

Who remembers when the last thing your mother said as you left for school “Have you got a hanky”? You could always rely on Mum to have one in her purse when you were out. And all good gentlemen had a clean white hanky for a maiden in distress didn’t they? The first thing I learned to iron was hankies – it was fun making them all flat again, and folding them into neat triangles.

I am not so sure that is completely how it was – but it is how I remember it. I also can remember when talking with a lady who was in a crisis, and pulled a hanky out of my bag for her to use. Her comment was that I was a “real lady” having a pretty hanky available like that.

But hankies are almost things of the past with the ubiquitous everywhere. I am sure most rooms of your house will have a box somewhere. Have you considered how many trees are made into wood pulp to make those tissues, and how many millions are sent to landfill every year?

I still love using a hanky – it is more versatile than a tissue, and certainly much stronger. They wipe wet hands, and dry tears. In an emergency, they can stop a bleeding cut, or be used as a tablecloth when you are having a picnic on the tables in the park.

My children will tell you I have made hankies for many years from any old cotton material I have around. Sometimes the older the better – as they are so much more absorbent and soft to use.

Miss Polley Living Aids have hankies for sale – made from recycled material, usually old sheets and doona covers. They are made with two layers of material – so much more absorbent and useful.

To celebrate the first week of Miss Polley Living Aids being online, hankies are 25% off – and this includes postage. Click here to get your hanky supply for summer

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